Thursday, March 17, 2011

Overdue pictures

Since we have not posted photos in what seems like forever, here are several pics from the past few months.
Peyton got turned around on the slide at the Magic House
That girl loves slides

Enjoying her cake

Birthday Girl

Peyton absolutely loves Dora and she was thrilled when she saw her cake.

Without a doubt, it was a very Dora birthday. Dora ballons, blanket, books, and dolls.

oh, and pajamas

The dress her Grammy made her

She can't get enough Dora

At Monkey Joe's


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Squadron Christmas Party
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EOD table centerpiece

Rockfeller Center, NYC

This last weekend I got to go to New York City with my sister in law, Beth. It was so cool to see everything at Christmas time with all the lights and decorations and Santas everywhere you look!

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Peyton helping with the tree.
One of my favorite things that we did in New York was going to the Broadway show, "Promises, Promises" starring Kristen Chennoweth, Sean Hayes, and the bad guy from Ghost. I can't remember his name for the life of me. Anyways it was amazing and we had second row seats and were so close we could see their sweat and spit as they sung! Kind of gross but awesome at the same time!
Sean Hayes!

The bad guy from the movie Ghost!
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so close!

More New York

I fulfilled a dream of mine and went ice skating in Central Park! It was beautiful!
Bryant Park
Candles were set up at the NYC library for a wedding. I don't think it would be that cool to get married in a library of all places, but the candles and stairs were really pretty.
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The Gaylord Texan Resort Christmas tree.
bedtime story with Grammy.
In NYC with Beth.
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Central Park


At the Gaylord Texan Resort, they had a Charlie Brown themed ice exhibit. Everything was made out of ice!

Nativity ice sculpture! Amazing!

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